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January 10th, 2023

This year we are screening at the Classic Cinemas Tivoli Theatre in

Downers Grove, Chicago, IL!

The Screening

#Nofilter addresses the ever-growing issue surrounding Body Dysmorphic Disorder through the eyes of Beth, an insecure twenty-something, who becomes obsessed with an insidious filter, leaving her to question true beauty. It is a cautionary tale for all those obsessed by "likes," being flawless, and thinking that somehow social media is the magical cure-all for happiness. The film stars Kelly Lamor Wilson and Misha Osherovich from Blumhouse's "Freaky."


A mysterious woman appears at a young father's home seeking recompense for a long-buried transgression. But she doesn't want money—she wants one of his fingers.

LVCRFT - Every Night

Two Spirit Halloween customers get trapped inside the store with the LVCRFT Reaper. A funky, dance-crazed skeleton who just wants to dance with their lives...

St. Augustine

Compelled by loneliness, two vampires set out to reclaim the child they gave up for adoption.

The Bottom

At the edge of a mysterious lake, a reckoning between friends becomes a fight for life - as one man’s mind games threatens the other’s grip on reality.

The Devoted

An internet troll f*cks around and finds out when a coven of witches slides into his DMs.

The Ratcatcher's Daughter

Using defining moments in history, rats are trying to seize power all over the world. 1920, in Petrograd, the rats decide it’s time to rise from the underground.

What A Harvest

A father tries to connect with his video game obsessed daughter, until he learns she hasn’t been eating her meals.

What Stays Behind

Haunted by memories and more, a man struggles to keep living after his wife's tragic death. A ghost story about the horrible moments between loss, grief, and moving forward.

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