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About Us

Submissions are accepted from all countries, there is no time frame for when the film must have been made by and we accept films with distribution. We're here to support and celebrate horror films! Each year will see a different theme to the event and this year is... slashers, so bring on the blood! (that's not to say that we won't be showing other films - we'll just be ensuring there are some classics for you to see!) 

The Venue

This year, we're bringing incredible horror with an American touch all the way to London!

2024 Lineup | Coming Soon
The Awards

Best Short Film - Best Director

Best Cinematography - Best Music - Best Music Video

Best Actor - Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor - Best Supporting Actress

The Committee

The committee is made up of twelve people, who are selected from both inside the film industry and education system and outside, giving an eclectic mix of opinions to the curation

of the event.


None of the judges will be committee members, to ensure complete transparency in the Awards process and differentiation between the selections and awards.

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